Hot off the press ... have you tried our NEW Green Cleanse?  Now available online, our GREEN Cleanse ticks all the boxes if you are looking to 'dig' a bit deeper.  What's included?  Six, 500 ml cold pressed, power packed juices bottled in glass plus a daily elixir and a cleanse guide packaged in our bright green reusable cooler bag.  You begin each day with our signature Green Smoothie followed by our Hydrating Green Coco H2O Juice (mixture of straight greens and coconut water).  Next up is our Red Spice (beet with a dash of cayenne pepper), then comes our Green Zest (straight greens with lime and ginger) pure tangy goodness.  Your late afternoon juice is our Green A (straight greens) and for the finale our Cashew Nut Mylk.  For those experienced cleansers looking to peak ... enough said!

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