At LYC we love PROGURT!   Combined with your green juice you can achieve amazing results.

Selling Points
A truly amazing pro biotic. Super strength pro biotic Sachets with over 1 Trillion CFU capability of friendly pro biotic bacteria per sachet. Aid digestion and re-balance gut flora. Gentle on stomach, Lactose free, 12 month shelf life and made from 100% natural ingredients.
Pro biotic Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB), Bifido Bacteria, Inactivated Yeast Extract, Dietary Fiber.
Lucky You Cleanse sells progurt in 2, 5 and 15 sachet packs. 
You can use progurt in 2 ways read on to find out how!
Dosage on using sachets.
For adults & children over 2 years:
1 Sachet  per week on an empty stomach. Entire contents of Sachet should be dissolved in your green juice and swallowed. Use contents immediately after opening Sachet. Store at room temperature. Sealed in foil sachets for your protection. 
Instructions on making Progurt using the sachets in the incubator!
Use the Incubator to make a super-strength probiotic yogurt, with in excess of 1 trillion CFU per litre. Energy efficient, 100% silent and covered by a 5-year factory guarantee. Just plug the Incubator into your electrical outlet, switch on, pour in 1 Sachet and 1 litre of UHT (Sterile) Full Cream Milk. You are now making Progurt. Each Progurt Incubator is also supplied with a One Litre Incubator Tub. Progurt is gentle on stomach, and made from 100% natural ingredients. Aid digestion and re-balance gut flora. 1 sachet makes 5 servings of 200 ml progurt.