pre-cleanse tips

The basics.  Ideally you can start preparing one week in advance. Abstain or cut down considerably the following:

  • Coffee, all caffeine intake, nicotine, alcohol, and all carbonated beverages (including sparkling water).  You can substitute coffee with green tea or yerba mate tea.
  • Avoid all refined sugar, salts and processed foods. If you are not a vegetarian or vegan, greatly limit or omit the intake of meat, fish and dairy.
  • Drink plenty of (filtered) water. Hydration is key to a successful detox.
  • Continue with your normal exercise routine.

Start getting in the habit of chewing your foods well. Next week you will "chew" your juices to help digest and absorb them so let’s get on top of things now.
Have a constipation plan on hand in the event you need one. The cleanse affects everyone differently. If you are comfortable administering an enema - do so. If you are up for a colonic, we can recommend a place. It's very beneficial during and/or at the end of a cleanse. If you have a history of problematic eliminations (and this is a very private matter), you need to tackle it and make a life change. If it's not being eliminated, you are reabsorbing it - prioritize the topic.

Set Intentions.
What do you want to get out of this cleanse? When we have a clear picture of what we want to lose, gain, and strengthen the odds are we will attain these goals. Cleansing is also about going within.

Two days prior.
Start eating a cleansing diet of fresh fruits and veggies (organic, if at all possible, but not mandatory) raw, cooked, juiced, and blended.

The last supper.
A large gorgeous, green, raw salad sounds amazing. Add any water-containing veggies you fancy (no beans, nuts or seeds, please) along with some steamed veggies if you wish. Avocado is acceptable. The dressing should be simple like olive oil, sea salt and fresh lemon juice.
Eat clean. Prepare your body for success.
Slow sustainable change...Learn into it.

during cleanse tips

Part of this experience will be about learning some tips that you can carry forward and incorporate into your daily life experience. Below are some of our favorites.

  • Listen to and follow your body.  Don’t force anything. If you do not want to finish certain items, you have the freedom to do so. However, the more you flush yourself with these bottles of joy, the more cleansing will take place. In addition, you will feel more full or satisfied if you consume what we are giving you. Follow the protocol as best you can.
  • Hot water. Begin each day by adding the juice of 1 whole lemon in 500 ml of water. The general effect produced will be to flush the liver and the kidneys. This is a perfect way to start your morning, on the cleanse or not, as it is alkalising and extra hydrating. Feel free to add lemon to your drinking water all day long.
  • Water.  Nothing replaces water, including the most gorgeous fresh juices and herbal tea. We know you are going to be drinking more than you probably ever have in one day, however it is vital that you also hydrate your body with water (filtered, if possible). Water is needed for all functions in the body, and helps flush acidic waste. Think about adding lemon, cucumber slices, or sea salt for an extra kick. The best times to drink your water are first thing in morning and throughout the day in between juices and smoothies.

We include an approximate time schedule; follow it as best as you can. Customize it to suit your schedule. Drink items in numbered sequence. There is a method to our madness. Please do not add water to anything. Fresh pressed juices are powerful, and we do not want to dampen this magic. In addition, stop consuming anything two hours before bedtime. This will pave way for an easier process on the body, as well as prevent (hopefully) you getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

  • Spice things up.  You may add in ginger (fresh ginger root is ideal), cayenne pepper, and fresh lemon to any of the items.
  • Shake it up.  Since liquids tend to settle, shake ‘em up before drinking for a tastier experience. *Another trick: use a spoon with your smoothie. Might enhance the overall experience.
  • Chew the juice?  YES! As digestion begins in the mouth, we even want to chew our liquids. In addition, we never want to gulp down fresh juice. This can cause unwanted gas and bloating. So take your time, swish it around, and be kind to your belly in the process.
  • Tea Time.  Herbal teas are recommended, and you can enjoy as much as you like. IF you are detoxing from caffeine, there are few options to help you along: green tea, white tea, and yerba mate. *Remember that stevia is the only sweetener allowed.
  • Sleep.  It is of utmost importance to get enough zzz’s. Cleansing is hard work and requires energy. We recommend taking it easy when necessary, and not pushing yourself.
  • The cleanse process.  In this world, there really are no absolutes. Each cleanse you engage in will yield different cleanse reactions and results. We can never predict how the body will react, what the body is ready to let go of, and so on. So be easy on yourself and go with the flow.

Attitude is everything.  Maintain a positive attitude and remind yourself of the big picture: healthy, happy cells equal healthy, happy life.

post-cleanse tips

Tomorrow wake up and follow your morning routine. Water followed by lemon water. Keep hydrating! You know by now how important it is to flush the system and hydrate.  Get out to the market today and buy fresh fruits and veggies. Don’t forget fresh herbs, lemons, limes, avocados, high quality oils (olive), stevia and herbal teas.  Your first meal should consist of up to 3 kinds of fresh, seasonal fruit. Melon is the only fruit that does not combine well with anything else. If you choose rock melon, eat it alone. For clients who were heavy meat eaters prior to this cleanse substitute coconut water for fruit on the first morning.  Think raw, green, yummy salad for lunch adding as many water-containing veggies as you wish (no beans, nuts or seeds here, no animal protein yet please.....). Use a simple olive oil, sea salt and fresh lemon juice dressing. You may also add in avocado. Breaking your cleanse is similar to preparing for the cleanse. Ease your body back into eating. Don’t forget to chew, chew, chew!!!!!!  If you are hungry in the afternoon, try a vegan or vegetarian VEGGIE soup (again, no beans) or another salad. Think simplicity. Keep it light.  Think of dinner just like lunch, however, you can add cooked veggies if you desire. On day two you can add in some healthy whole grains: brown rice, quinoa, millet or buckwheat.  Animal proteins, beans and dairy can be added in around the 3rd day, slowly. Fish is lighter than meat, so you might want to start there. Alcohol, coffee, refined sugars, sweeteners, processed foods and fake baked goods can small amounts, if at all.  As far as those cleanse enhancers, maybe you want to pick one or two to continue with?  Chewing is a must. Be conscious of it. Exercise is also non-negotiable and if you do not have a routine already, now is the time to implement one and STICK to it. It is time to embrace the space of "feeding yourself at a higher level". You are too good for JUNK - at least most of the time! :)

If possible, add one thing into your diet going forward that you did not do before. Perhaps that’s eating raw veggies at least once a day.
Slow, sustainable change. Learn into it.