Hello and WELCOME to our LYC Community.

You've ordered either our Classic or Green Cleanse. Our CLASSIC is our most popular cleanse & perfect for those who want to balance great-tasting juices with high efficiency.  Our GREEN is our most intense & lowest calorie cleanse - you get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

Begin each day with a warm glass of water infused with fresh lemon.

Drink your juices in this ORDER:

Morning:  Green Smoothie
Mid Morning:  Green B 
Noon:  Spicy Lemonade
Afternoon:  Sweet Carrot
Late Afternoon:  Green A
Night: Either Nut Mylk

Morning:  Green A or Celery Juice 
Mid Morning:  Green Smoothie
Noon:  Spicy Lemonade
Afternoon:  Green B
Late Afternoon:  Green A
Night: Either Nut Mylk

Upon waking, drink your first juice, and drink your next juice in order every two hours thereafter.

Read through our Benefits & Tips to make the most of your cleanse (don't worry they're short and sweet).  We send a few emails with tips and tricks, make sure you are receiving these and if not check your SPAM or shout out so we can ensure they reach you!

We truly believe in our 3-day Cleanse and the results speak for themselves.  NOURISH your body with antioxidant-rich juices.  HELP your digestion and encourage a healthy balance of flora in your belly.  ENJOY better overall well-being and weight loss.