Constipation at a glance...

At Lucky You we believe it’s important that YOU take responsibility for the success of your cleanse. To get the most from it with maximum long-term effects, and with the least discomfort prepare a Constipation Strategy (especially if you already experience infrequent bowel movements)!


Why might you encounter Constipation during your Cleanse?

It is common, especially around day 2 or 3, to experience constipation or sluggish bowel function. This is due to the fact that the powerful alkalinity of the juices and the effects of fasting from solid food have allowed more old waste matter to be loosened up than your bowels are able to eliminate naturally. The bowels can become overwhelmed and grind to a halt! With this can come classic detox symptoms such as bloating, fatigue and headaches, all signs that you may be reabsorbing the toxins that you are working so hard to loosen. Supporting your bowels in removing this waste is of the utmost importance for both a successful and comfortable cleansing experience.


Should you encounter Constipation, your strategy should include:

Outsourced Options. Talk to us... Call one of our LYC Naturopaths to schedule an appointment. Ideally you will want to call 2 weeks prior to beginning your cleanse to prepare your body and minimize the discomfort in the first place (especially if you are prone to constipation already).  


Pre-book a Colonic...

Colon Hydrotherapy may be helpful during and after a juice cleanse. Many believe it is an effective way of removing loosened waste, the toxins, out of your colon.  As this is a personal topic, we recommend you ring and speak with any colonic center prior to booking.  It is worth looking at the premise if you have never been before to determine if this is right for you.  This is an INDIVIDUAL decision so we do not recommend any place directly.  We have listed a few in the physical proximity of our juice kitchen to get you started.  Release Wellness Centre, 9519 9881 located in Newtown, Colon Care Centre, 9211 1174 located in Randwick, Bondi & Surry Hills and Sydney Colon Health Clinic, 9906 2288 in St Leonards.  It may help to discuss this with your health practitioner to determine if they can recommend a place as well as if this is a suitable procedure for you.



Aloe Vera

Look for Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice. 5-10ml daily can help soften, therefore facilitating movement, of impacted waste.


Magnesium Laxative

In the case of serious constipation during your juice cleanse, and you don’t have immediate access to a colonic treatment, you might use a product called Natural Calm to help create some movement and bring some relief. This is the only laxative we recommend as safe and only for the short term. Note that this needs to be ordered at least 10 days before you begin your Cleanse to allow for shipping from the U.S. Available through


Abdominal Massage

You can encourage the movement of waste and gas through the colon by gently massaging your abdomen in a clockwise direction. Lie down, breath deeply and relax while you do this.


Gentle Exercise and movement

For the bowels to move, we need to move! That’s why being sedentary will only worsen the problem. A relaxed stroll around the block, breathing deeply, will encourage natural peristalsis. If you are feeling up to it, a gentle Yoga class can also help. But any movement is helpful; rebounding, stretching, dancing ...!


Correct Posture on the Loo!

For waste to leave the body effortlessly, we need to align the ‘exit point’ correctly! Elevating your feet on a footstool can really help.


Chewing your juices As we say again and again, “Chew your liquids”! Mastication (the motion of chewing) not only allows more saliva in the mouth to release and mix with your juice for maximal assimilation, but triggers peristalsis in the colon; the muscular contraction that moves waste along the intestinal tract and out of the body.


Eat something!

Although you might be fiercely determined to push right through your juice cleanse ‘til the end ... you really never know how your body will react to the cleansing process. If things get too uncomfortable and you have tried everything, it’s ok to eat something. Don’t try to be a hero! Eating something simple like some steamed green vegetables will slow (but not inhibit) your cleanse, allowing your body some relief and encouraging a bowel movement.