Here are some LYC tips on ways to enhance your experience during your cleanse. A few are a bit on the alternative side, but have a little faith ... in our experience they are pretty useful!

Tongue cleaner. Scrape off some of the toxic residue, which will be making its way out everywhere, including the mouth. You can use a traditional tongue cleaner, or the edge of a spoon any time of day, as much as you like. Best time is in the morning.

Exercise. It is crucial to keep systems moving (especially the lymphatic), flush acidic waste, and oxygenate the body. If you have a regular routine and tons of energy during this cleanse, continue. If you have less energy, REST. You can always pick up where you left off after your cleanse is over. We recommend using a rebounder, walking, and yoga.

Colon Hydrotherapy and Enemas. For the uninitiated these 3 words can seem daunting or fear provoking. If you feel comfortable, it is wise to set up a colonic appointment to assist in the flushing of all of this stirred up waste. Enemas are also good. Think of a colonic as an internal bath. *Listen up, if you are experiencing cleansing symptoms, the BEST way to alleviate them is by using colonics or enemas.

Castor oil packs. Placed over the liver/gallbladder zone, castor oil is healing to the liver and facilitates the cleanse process.

Baths. Epsom salt baths are another way to flush the system, and pull uric acid out of the kidneys. Adding essential oils such as lavender will also help calm the nervous system.

Sauna. The skin is our largest organ, and therefore we absorb and release constantly via this channel. Sweat out the toxins! Take a 10-45 minute sauna with cold shower breaks in between. This will also help with circulation. *Infrared saunas are helpful in removing heavy metals from body.

Dry Skin brushing. Before your morning shower ... this is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system (which helps detoxify the blood) and slough off old skin, creating a healthy glow. Start at feet and work in a circular motion reaching all over the body, and always towards the heart.

Massage. A fantastic aid in flushing toxins from the body. It will help reduce stress, too. Lymphatic drainage and Thai are two of our favourites.

Reflexology. A 10 minute foot massage can not only relieve aching feet, but also give your whole body a boost. There are many who specialize in this area, but if you can’t find one why not try it yourself? One of oldest natural treatments to banish fatigue and strengthen immunity is walking barefoot on dewy grass. The best way to achieve being “grounded” is by having your bare feet firmly planted on the earth’s natural surface.

Air Bath. Remove all clothing (best done before a shower) and allow fresh air to circulate around your body for a few minutes. There are many that believe exposure of the body in this way for 10 minutes can improve metabolism and strengthen immunity.

Natural Beauty Treatments. Lavish yourself. You deserve it. Meditation. A powerful practice. Sit still and let go.

LAUGH AND LOVE. Most importantly, be with friends and family who make you laugh, support you, and lift you up. This type of nourishment goes a long way!

Disclaimer ... these are suggestions ONLY.    Always listen to your body!