A few tips. To enjoy the flavour, shake each juice well, pour it a glass to go. Chew each mouthful. This is what begins the and allow the "chill" digestion process. Don't gulp...if you can help it. During this week we will work on retraining our chewing technique. Our goal is to have you masticating (to grind and pulverise food inside the mouth, using the teeth and jaws t)) every mouthful When you enter back into the world of solids. If you chew well, you absorb more and make it a LOT easier on your digestive system. You also don't take in as much air which can cause bloating, burping, and all those unattractive things that go along with extra gas. Remember the less work your digestive system has to do, the more energy you will have it's a worthwhile exchange.

Now, if you are not keen on a particular ingredient or "taste" of a drink, than consuming it cold gives it a more neutral taste _ If you are in this camp, try to drag yourself over the line to the more "green" drinks. Sometimes it doesn't happen overnight, but when it does you will NEVER go back!!

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Rest if required...power on if you can!