Why cleanse?

It’s really simple. There are several main reasons why we want to engage in the cleanse process. First and foremost, we are all carrying around toxicity in our bodies. Why? The main culprits: processed foods which we have consumed over the years, our environment (air, water, pollution) which is ever increasingly filled with poisons, and prescription/non-prescription drugs which we have taken at some point in our lives.  In addition, we all eat way too much. It is vital to give the digestive system a rest from all of the 24/7 work we ask it to do. When we allow this rest to occur, the body is able to release trapped waste. We cleanse because even our insides need a holiday ever so often. Did you know that digestion actually begins in the mouth? Bummer for us if we don’t chew, because then we often don’t absorb. Given our lack of pulverizing the food with our teeth, our bodies then have to expel lots of energy to the process.

Alkaline Environment. This is so important. We want to be more on the alkaline side of life internally so that bacteria, yeast, fungus, and mold do not have an inviting and comfy place to be. They do not fare well in an oxygenated, alkalized system. So green it up, buttercup.

Toxins and the Outer Environment. We cannot escape the seemingly endless amounts of poisons that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Some we can control over (beauty and household products, eating organic foods, using water filtration systems) yet others are inevitable (pesticides, pollution). This reason alone is enough to get us on the detox bandwagon.

We are all living on the planet. It’s not the same as it used to be. Cleanse.

Fasting? Cleansing? Are these one in the same?
It depends. At times the two words are interchangeable. The traditional definition of a fast is to go without any food or water for a period of time. Not sure who is doing that these days. All you need to know is that the Lucky You cleanse is a nutritional cleanse, NOT a FAD diet. By drinking the fresh juices, you will be flooding the body with pure hydration using the most assimilative nutrients available. Whether you choose to do a 1- day cleanse ever so often or go the all out with the 5 day cleanse rest assured you are making a sound decision on behalf of your body and soul.

What is my best approach?
Be consistent. Pick your cleanse length, prepare for it in advance and follow its completion with healthy “alive” food and drink. Remember, consistency rules and the “live, cleanse, rebalance” mantra works.

How often should I cleanse?
Cleansing and detoxing have become part of the lexicon. We believe it is more about a lifestyle, rather than a ping-pong match with food choices. It is not being suggested here that you must switch into a so –called “perfect” diet, however using this program to elevate your eating habits is the most intelligent way to go. We think you should “cleanse” regularly and often. You make your own decision. You should repeat your cleanse as often as you feel you need it. A 3-day cleanse is a perfect compliment to follow a busy weekend filled with over indulgence. A longer cleanse is awesome if your body is starting to show signs of breaking down and of course before or after a holiday is helpful. Like anything, cleansing yields best results when approached over a period of time. Set a schedule and stick to it. Sound good?

Is a three-day cleanse beneficial?
YES! You are giving your digestive system time to catch up and most likely do something it has never experienced before in its lifetime. You are flooding your system with nutrient dense, live juice. Fasting for nutrition, healing and detoxification have been around for ages. Historically it has been commonly used to heal illness. Today in the Western World it is commonly used to detoxify and create balance.

I don't have time to juice fast...
Then we’ve got a date because we are a match made in heaven. Your requirement is only to drink the beverages provided; we’ll make the rest happen.

Where do I get my protein?

Protein comes from living plant foods. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are present in all foods. We want protein, which is easily absorbed in the body; this is what we are looking for. Plant food, nuts and seeds, seaweeds, coconut and avocado are perfect examples.

Where is the fiber?
It’s included in all of your smoothies. However, some of the fiber is separated so the liquid magic goes straight into the bloodstream.

What if I am hungry?
Part of the cleanse process includes hunger for most, mainly because we are not used to consuming less food. Stirring up internal toxicity can also lead to hunger pangs. We recommend holding off on eating and allow what needs to happen: the body letting go of unwanted debris! Tips to ward off the feeling of feeding ourselves what’s not on the menu? Herbal teas, baths with essential oils, be with loved ones, and look for ways to nourish yourself without food being involved.

What about my metabolism?
This will assist the metabolism to function the way it should, free of toxins. The goal is to clear the junk from the trunk. More specifically, give the internal system the rest and repair time it so well deserves. Challenge yourself and give it a try, we haven’t heard a negative complaint yet!

How much weight will I lose?
If you need to drop a couple of kilo’s chances are you will head in that direction. When you give your body a chance to operate without all of the additives it will decide where it wants to be. This should be a launching pad to help you reach your goal. Often the weight falls off in the weeks following the program’s completion, providing you are not back to your old ways of eating tons of cheeseburgers !

Do most people gain the weight back?
Most people open their eyes to how they were consuming pre-cleanse and make the necessary changes to incorporate a healthier more consistent approach to food and exercise. Remember these cleanses can be used for both a kick-start and a maintenance program. Your goal is to stay on track and keep with it. Our goal is to make it easy for you.

Can I exercise?
It is vitally important for you to move the body while on a cleanse. You may find you have a ton of energy, in which case go to town! You are not starving your body, you are feeding yourself with the best stuff possible and it’s broken into a form that is easily absorbed. When you free your digestive system of all the work involved in breaking down food you are typically energized. Sometimes we feel cleansing symptoms in the form of lower energy than normal, so stay connected to your body and rest when necessary. Not advised here to push yourself to the max. Cleansing requires energy, too. The best approach to your cleanse is that you listen to your body, exercise within your limits and get as much fresh air as possible.

Do I take supplements during the cleanse?
We suggest giving all of that a rest for the duration of the cleanse. If you are on something specific from your doctor or nutritionist orders, then by all means continue.

What about medications?
This you need to discuss with your doctor.

Can I cleanse if I have a medical issue?
Speak with your doctor or health care professional first before engaging in this or any other cleanse programs.

What about a coffee, caffeine (in teas) and alcohol?
We think it would be nice for the body to have a break from these stimulants. If you cannot give up coffee for the week, and decide you are not going to cleanse until you can do this, we say cleanse and drink coffee. There are however some great stimulants, which are less harsh on the body: green tea, white tea, yerba mate. Maybe try those out to ease your cravings and see how it all goes.

Can I have herbal teas?
YES! As much as you like. With stevia please.

Do I have to drink all items in the numbered order?
Yes please. There is a method to our madness, so please follow the instructions and drink in order.

Does it matter if I drink all the juices or can I skip some if I’m full?
We encourage you to follow what your body is telling you to do. It is not advised to force anything. However, we also encourage you to finish all of the beverages, if possible.  This is not a fast and the juices are the main source of detoxification, while adding necessary nutrients throughout. Focus on the following: drink the juices, get what you need, keep your tummy satisfied. Try your best! If you can’t the first day, chances are the second day you will. This cleanse is made up of very nutrient dense products and the goal is to consume them to the best of your ability. Also, the more you drink, the more your body will become accustomed and adapt. Eventually you will start the crave the good green stuff!

I really want to do this cleanse, but my partner isn’t game, should I still go ahead?
YES. And once they see the benefits they will be quick to sign up as well. Up front and honest our experience HAS BEEN it IS always easier to do with someone else, especially if you are living and often sharing mealtime with him or her. Think strength in numbers.  But if they don’t want to do it, no point in forcing them. Doing something you don’t believe in creates additional acid in the body, a situation we are trying to avoid. Forge your own path (we HAVE)!

Here are some tips if you still are unsure: Will they at least have a green smoothie breakfast for the duration of the cleanse? These are available for ordering and are delivered free of charge if one of you are cleansing. Another option is to embark when your partner is away. Countless people mention how they try to avoid things be it food or alcohol when their partner is away so here you go: perfect opportunity to cleanse in their absence and let them drool over your clear eyes and lighter soul when they return!

What if I am pregnant?
Our recommendation is NO. We look forward to seeing you once bub has entered the world!

Do the juices need to be refrigerated?
YES! The items on this cleanse are not pasteurized meaning they have not been heated, do not contain preservatives, are all fresh, raw, and chock full of enzymes. Please refrigerate and always notify us if the nutritional beverage smells or tastes off.  If for some reason you are not able to get them in your fridge right away, please arrange a pick up or drop off time that suits. If you are heading out, pop them in an insulated cooler bag with an ice pack until you reach your destination.

I think I’m constipated, is this normal?
Quite often the mere change in one’s diet can create constipation. Another reason for constipation is that while it is wonderful that we are “stirring up the pot” for release, if too much is awakened at once, it may be too much for the body to get rid of.  This is where colonics and enemas come in like a charm.

What are normal cleansing symptoms?
When we engage in the cleanse and detox process, the goal is to loosen up toxins within the system. This actually can even happen when someone switches from a diet of cooked food, animal protein, and pasteurised dairy, to a diet consisting of live-foods which are rich in enzymes. Once this happens, a cleansing response may occur if the toxicity is still in the body. There are some standard cleansing symptoms to be aware of: headaches, dizziness, general aches and pains, stiff joints, low energy/fatigue, mucus release (runny nose, throat), nausea, diarrhea, low-grade fever, skin rashes and eruptions (breakouts), and mood swings. Once things move out, you will feel bright, shiny, and happy!

Can I eat other foods along with my cleanse?
This is definitely a possibility. If your intention is to use this program as a supplement to your normal diet, meaning add more fresh alive juices into your life and get the hang of it, then by all means, we support this goal. This might be a nice way to inch your way into a more complete cleanse program. Otherwise, if you are on the cleanse, you are on it. There are of course some little tricks here and there. If you feel like you are going to launch at and inhale a cheeseburger on Day 2 (normally the hardest day for clients) then contact us, as we have some alternatives for you. Keep in mind that true hunger and cleanse symptoms are one in the same. Often, the hunger will go away. Try first to just breathe through it and see what happens.  Other options would be to start with a short cleanse and see how you fare. You can (and we hope will) cleanse again. This is not the first and last detox of your life.

I love this cleanse, how often can I do it?
Let’s talk. Depending on how many times you’ve successfully completed the 5-day cleanse, what your general health and wellbeing picture looks like, and how you are eating in between cleanses will determine how together we can design a suitable program.

How should I eat when my cleanse is finished?
We operate by the following rule: centering the diet on plant based foods: clean foods, green foods, organic if possible. And don’t forget to Drink Your Water!!!

Any specific advice on what to eat the first couple of days post-cleanse?
When introducing foods back into the diet, chew foods well so they are more easily digested, don’t overeat, note any food reactions, as new foods are being re-introduced, such as energy, digestion, cravings, and other symptoms. Go slow! The food is not going anywhere. Most importantly, transition to a healthier long-term diet that includes new, healthy foods.

What if I want to place a last minute order?
LOVE it and understand it given we live minute to minute. Just remember often they book out so if you plan you may avoid disappointment.

What is the website?


What’s included in the cost?
A fresh, pure nutritional juice cleanse delivered to your doorstep. You CAN’T get much better than that!

Can I have your juice recipes?
We don’t give that out, but the ingredients are all clearly listed on the bottles.

I want to know who else has done this cleanse and for how long, can you tell me?
Sorry, it’s not our secret to tell. If a client wants to share with you that they have done, are doing or plan to do the cleanse that is their business. Our business is exclusively word of mouth and we need to respect that some prefer to detox privately.


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