Brittany DarlingBrittany Darling.  Brittany works with Lucky You Cleanse clients to help them achieve 'balanced' living between and during cleanses. As a Nutritionist and Herbalist, Brittany works 1:1 with patients guiding them towards mindful eating and living. Her holistic and supportive approach works with patients individual needs and is careful not to overwhelm or add more stress to daily life. Brittany has earned the reputation of one of Australia’s leading Nutritionist and Herbalists. 

Brittany's comprehensive 1:1 consultations are designed to help you rid yourself of the burden of disease and dysfunction.  She formulates Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle plans based on your needs, as no two people are the same. Whether it's psoriasis or arthritis, cardiovascular or autoimmune disease, thyroid or reproductive troubles, Brittany can help to identify the cause, exacerbating factors and bring your body back to balance.
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Claire Georgiou B.HSc (C.Med) ND MATMS. Claire Georgiou is an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, and Herbalist. Claire has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (C.Med) and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, and Nutrition. Claire has over 13 years of clinical experience specializing in liver disease, autoimmune disease, thyroid conditions, diabetes, insulin resistance, digestive disorders, chronic infections, children’s health, fertility and pregnancy care. 

Claire practices successfully using nutritional dietary guidance, juices, superfoods, herbal medicine, supplements and lifestyle advice. Claire has worked for and closely with Dr. Sandra Cabot for more than 7 years, who is also known as the Liver Cleansing Doctor and who has written over 25 health related books. Claire also started working for Joe Cross, 3 years ago after the release of his movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead supporting Rebooters who are partaking in juice cleanses, she also writes health related articles, creates healthy recipes, juices and smoothies and supports people who are following a guided juice cleanse program worldwide running webinars and answering online questions. Contact Claire on +61 435 082 463 or