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Our Story

Lucky You, Lucky Me

In 2008, Heidy and husband Mark went to the Big Apple to catch up with friend and fellow detox fan Joe Cross. In New York to film his documentary, ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,’ Joe discovered only one juice cleanse company in the city. So he planted the pip: ‘why not open one in Sydney?’

A dedicated DIY juicer, Heidy’s daily green juice was non-negotiable, but the elbow grease, mess and cost weren’t. So she imported her first countertop juicer built by international juicing guru, Norman Walker. Unsurprisingly, Heidy, Mark and the three kids drank a gazillion gallons of juice. As a result, Heidy’s pregnancy weight dropped, her energy spiked, and the Mums at drop-off became juice-curious. She sold her first cleanse.

The Juicy Journey

Before the birds were up, they juiced and blended orders. With each new shiny piece of hardware, they’d do a stand-outside-sound-test to check they wouldn’t wake the neighbours. With military precision Heidy raced off to do home deliveries and be back by 7:30 to tag team Mark off to his real job and get the kids to school.  

Having founded a technology business in the financial services industry, Heidy’s entrepreneurial spirit recognised this budding business. A ticket to Puerto Rico for certification at The Ann Wigmore Institute stood in her path to startup. So Heidy went to qualify at the hub advancing ‘alive’ food for health and longevity.

Heidy already holds an undergrad degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and an MBA from Northwestern University, where she graduated Beta Gamma Sigma. She majored in finance, entrepreneurship and innovation, marketing, management, and strategic planning for the latter. Oh, and if that's not enough, she's also an INN certified health coach.

The Big Squeeze

In March 2009, Heidy launched Lucky You Cleanse, Australia’s original cold-pressed juice company. Delicious and nourishing, the juices flood your cells with healing vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Vegan, kosher and dairy-free, they’re crafted with premium fruit and veg and juiced with top-shelf equipment.

It wasn’t long before the business outgrew the home kitchen, so Heidy rented a space two blocks from home and bought a huge hydraulic press from the US. Working after drop-off with some school Mums, they juiced six days a week. Chats were challenging over the noise of the press, decibels not lost on the apartment-dwellers above.

Hot Off the Press

Still growing, they leased the space next door, ordered more fridges and kept pressing juice. The ingredient roll call was at 5am, followed by the school run. Heidy lined the street with bright green cooler bags on Sunday arvos for juice fans to collect their cleanses. Mark was on shop-standby, fielding apple-deficit emergencies.

They were lean, mean, super-strong packing machines, moving 20 boxes in ten minutes (celery is surprisingly heavy). Home deliveries at 3pm; Heidy on local while Mark delivered further afield with the kids napping in the back.

Juice to Your Door

In 2013, the business shifted to an A-rated and HACCP approved big-girl factory in Marrickville. The guys renting the front of the factory had a refrigerated delivery business: distribution sorted. Then in 2014, Lucky You Cleanse was stocked in Woolworths, and the days of kitchen juicing became a distant memory.

Three factories later, Lucky You Cleanse delivers six days a week in NSW and twice a week to QLD and VIC. Returning to his financial services gig, Mark happily resigned his role as fruit n' veg first-responder. Heidy's still at the helm, and the community of loyal and new cold-pressed juice groupies is growing strong.

Simplicity Always

Lucky You drinkers drive Heidy’s decisions. No produce shortcuts or sales song-and-dance, just nutrient-dense, power-packed pressed juices. Building the country's first and finest juice company from pulp to a household name has been a sweet ride.



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