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Cold-Pressed Juice

Pick from our range of juices, smoothies, tea, broths & nut mylks to build your own box.  Integrate fresh, cold-pressed juice into your life as meal replacements or supplements to a busy lifestyle.  Even better sign up for our weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription.  You get 10% off your entire order each time.  The perfect 'healthy' set and forget. Once you start you'll never go back!

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LYC Group & Corporate Cleanses

You've heard us say it about a million times.  Drinking green juice and doing juice cleanses is a 'lifestyle' choice.  And aren't choices easier when you band together? 

So NOW is your chance. 

Cleanse for 3 days with your 3 of your colleagues, neighbours or besties and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.  Put your hands in the air and say 'yeah'.

What next?  Grab your posse, form your tribe and LET'S GET CLEANSING. 

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