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Why Juicing can cause Weight Loss

Are you feeling sluggish, tired, bloated and you are sick of craving all the wrong foods? Would you love to lose weight and feel good? If that is the case then a LYC juice cleanse can be a great way to make that shift towards a better, happier, healthier version of yourself.

Juice cleanse programs, where you only drink juice can be a great way to kick start your weight loss journey and tap into your fat stores. The benefits go beyond weight loss, but this can be an incredibly happy side effect of LYC juice cleanse programs. Other benefits can include increased energy, sense of calm, reduced joint pain, improved concentration, healthier hormones, improved skin health, better sleep and more.

By consuming fresh juices on a cleanse program, the success comes down to a few important factors:

  • You are consuming concentrated phyto-nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, thus meeting many of your nutrient needs and giving you a sense of satiety
  • You are also consuming less calories by replacing your meals with juices. By doing this you are giving yourself a break from your regular meals, this encourages appetite shifts for the better, hormonal changes that support and stimulate fat burning
  • You are consuming less calories, so the body has no choice but to start burning fat
  • The influx of nutrients creates better energy which avoids those blood sugar slumps where you may find yourself in the pantry reaching for all the wrong foods
  • The juices reset the palate into wanting more fresh foods and reminds your body what it truly needs, happily this continues post juice cleanse
  • It helps to stop the addictive behaviours and helps to reset habits around unhealthy eating

The first few days can be tough but once you get through those days it in most cases, cleanse programs tend to be easier and easier. Its important to remember, to gain the most out of the program, its best to follow the pre- and post-dietary recommendations and to consume the recommended amount of water alongside of your juices to get maximum results. See her for more details Benefits & Tips (

Doing a short 3 day fast this is a great way to reset the system and change the appetite hormones and start the process of fat burning. I have found over the years that many juice participants cravings for the wrong foods vanish and the desire for fresh healthy meals post juice cleanse are what can really set people up for better healthier eating habits which then further supports continued health changes in the long-run and weight loss.

If you want greater results, then a longer cleanse for up to 6 days and even beyond is a great way to make the big health shifts and changes.

Another great tip for improved and continued weight loss and health changes is to do a short cleanse, 3 days every week for a period of 6 weeks or even a 6–7-day cleanse once every month for a few months to really get the ball rolling or you can even make it a permanent part of your lifestyle. This will ensure long-term results, so you lose the weight and feel energized and well for good!  

Regularly committing to periods of calorie restriction such as juicing can be an effective and easy way to lose weight permanently.  These periods of calorie restriction help to stimulate the fat burning hormones and this works towards reducing those unwanted fat-storing hormones such as insulin. Insulin resistance or hyperinsulinemia encourages fat storing and inhibits weight loss, by committing to regular periods of calorie restriction the hormones change to encourage the use of fat as an energy source.

When people are constantly consuming calories, weight loss is impossible due to the suppression of fat burning hormones, juicing or other methods of calorie restriction help to support these changes so your weight loss journey can be successful.

Calorie restriction has also been shown to support antiaging and can reduce oxidative stress and help to correct metabolic abnormalities.           

Juices are also a great addition to a healthy diet, to keep you on track, keep you satisfied, keep any cravings at bay and to keep you energized. Juices or smoothies are a great breakfast or snack option to avoid the afternoon snack attacks that could derail any good results that you may have experienced if you only stuck at the plan.

Often, I see people commit to amazing healthy menus to then throw it all in when they get hungry and their blood sugar bottoms out, juices at this time are more effective at killing those cravings and supporting good energy levels. So, enjoy!    


Claire Georgiou is an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist. Claire has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and a Diploma of Nutrition. Claire has been working with Dr. Sandra Cabot, who is also known as the Liver Cleansing Doctor, for 7 years and also consults patients in Sydney. Claire has a special interest in liver dysfunction, digestive health, weight loss, thyroid & hormone imbalances.


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