5 Minutes with Tom Spoats, Founder Scenic Cycle

What was the catalyst for starting Scenic Cycle?
I wanted to create something unique in the fitness industry combining my experience and love for technology and film. 

As a leader in your industry, what is one tip for staying on top?
Learn to ride the roller coaster because for every peak there’s a lull on the other side. Also never stop striving to innovate and create. People get bored quickly so you have to keep evolving. 

What differentiates Scenic Cycle from other cycling classes?
It’s more than just fitness. There are components of travel, a personal mental escape and physical fitness all tied into a 45-minute high-energy class. 

What inspires you?
Success stories of entrepreneurs who turn ideas into empires. 

What are you reading?
My uni notes (I study my MBA part-time at nights). 

Who are you listening to?
Podcast: “How I built This” with Guy Raz (epic stories). 

What is your health and fitness philosophy?
If you don’t enjoy it. Don’t do it. Find something (or many things) you enjoy doing and do that (A LOT). 

What do you love at the moment that we wouldn't know about you?
Surf & travel. I’d do it all year round if I could!

Your favourite LYC juice?
The milky nut one is PHENOMENAL! 

Scenic Cycle is located in the CBD and Manly ... http://sceniccycle.com/