5 Minutes with Sheena Polese, Founder, FitMind Coaching
What was the catalyst for starting Fit Mind Coaching?
I’ve had a long commercial career working for some of the worlds biggest brands and Fortune 500 companies and during that time I had the personal experience and benefit of executive coaching. I have also had a huge passion for adventure and setting myself physical and mental challenges such as endurance and ultra running events. When I knew I had to switch up and out of some things in my life and a long held desire to work for myself and my kids becoming teens, I saw potential growth in the coaching sector and a match with my skills and passion for helping people lead and live their best life possible in their best physical and mental shape. So I headed back to Uni and studied for my Masters In Science, Psychology of coaching, gained numerous certifications in psychometric tools and immersed myself in the field of psychology.

What sort of person / company approaches you for coaching?
I have a wide range of clients across different ages and professions. My training enables me to do much more than executive coaching. I’ve coached CEO’s and mid level managers who want to develop their skills to be better team leaders, middle aged women who want to do something for themselves again or reestablish their career after raising kids and have had a long absence from the workforce, teenagers and young people in their twenties who need that external support from families to support their struggles. Anyone who wants to explore the questions of what’s next, what else is there, and rather than where did I come from but where could I get to in life. It does require a touch of bravery and certainly openness to engage in coaching, like any form of therapy or when you’re trying something new, and that’s where the growth and development begins.
What inspires you?
I’m inspired by people who consciously make positive choices to change the circumstances for themselves, their family or community. Many community leaders and people committed to social change are those I look up to. On a global level there are people all around the world doing positive things for the environment and social justice. Locally, my business partner on Coaching for Purpose, Annie Crawford AM has inspired me - she started her own NFP and ran that as CEO and Chair for 14 years and made a significant contribution to community. I’ve also had the good fortune to undertake a number of adventures with outstanding leaders including an environmental expedition to the Antarctic, climbing and trekking in remote parts of Nepal and Tibet and those experiences taught me a lot about goal setting, training, planning, teamwork, influence and interpersonal skills and most of all what good leadership really looks like.

What are you reading?
I always have a pile of diverse things to read by my bed - while on holidays I just read “The couple next door” a fiction novel full of suspense.

I’m big on evidence based approaches and reading published books by academics that translate their research into usable material for the everyday person. My current read is Brene Browns Rising Strong - how the ability to reset transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead.

Who are you listening to?
I’m a bit of a latest hits girl so really like the Appie Music POP top hits - as I’m writing this I’m listening to Liam Payne & Rita Ora and i also love podcasts - the Psychology Podcast with Dr Scott Barry Kaufman is my favourite.

What is your health and fitness philosophy?
Real fitness is about the body and the mind - it’s about living well and living long - what we feed our body and expose our minds to has an impact - the food we consume, the people in our tribe, the media and the news we consume, the environments we live and work in, all effect our physical and mental health. I try to adopt a weekly approach with my health and fitness - 2-3 sessions of weights, 2-3 runs, a yoga class, and rowing and / or tennis when my schedule allows. Meditation is a must and I’ve stopped beating myself up if I miss a day. As for food my motto is - loads of veg and protein, if it comes from the earth or is natural then its good for you. If not, then don’t let that stuff past your lips too often.

What are you loving at the moment that we wouldn't know about you?
I’m loving going back and connecting with people that really influenced me in my early years of growing up. I’m also adopted so I’ve been exploring my biological past and tracing my heritage back to Switzerland. I’m thrilled to know I do descend from the mountains - for me it explains it a lot. At the end of this month I’m reconnecting with a lovely Canadian female friend I met when I was 19 and we have stayed in touch on and off. We’re reconnecting in Joshua Tree national Park and going hiking.

Your favourite LYC juice?
By far the Cashew nut milk. Nothing else compares.

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