5 Minutes with Sally Burleigh, Founder, AgencyB & Co.

What was the catalyst for re-branding your business from SBPR to AgencyB&Co?  It was time! After 18 ever-changing years, I decided to re-brand, re-focus and re-design our positioning in order to more accurately reflect who we are, and what we do and I am so pleased I did it!  The philosophy behind the name is also key ie Agency celebrates that there is a team on your account and is a business model that we all recognise as a hub of creativity, experience and ideas & strategies that moves way beyond what “PR” used to be; B is, of course, a nod to Burleigh, but of course to Business and Brand; &Co celebrates your company, our company, our connections, collaborators, collaborations and consultants, truly embracing the ‘co’ in the 360 degrees and “always on” communications service we offer to our valued clients and business partners.  Take a look … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_D2a6KU8pg&feature=youtu.be

What sort of person/company approaches you for Media and PR?
Someone who wants hands-on advice, strategy and connections to make things happen!  I am most recognised for my contacts and longtime insider knowledge of television having come from the foundation of FOXTEL and the networks, which also gave me inside intel and major experience in celebrity (actors, supermodels, artists, authors) tours but our team also works with and for a lot of startups and also family-founded and thus independently owned businesses who are looking for brand positioning, advice on how to go to market and more.  We have three distinct divisions in the agency which in a shortened version fall under food, film and fashion but in broader terms cover fashion, food, film/television, entertainment, celebrity & influencers, hotels, restaurants, luxury escapes & lifestyles, jewellery, and beyond!

Do 'influencers' still make a difference in PR?
They really do … the original influencers who were famous because of what they did or where they come from in film/television, fashion, finance or coming from a famous family are still hugely influential.  If a key influencer or a social influencer attends your opening, restaurant, hotel or launch event you get coverage in mainstream but also digital press but equally if the new influencers – bloggers, instagirls/boys – wear, sample, visit or associate themselves with your client their reach delivers similar recognition - it’s just on social media as opposed to in a magazine or newspaper.

What inspires you?
My children.  Every day. 

What are you reading?
I just finished reading Caroline Baum’s lovely memoir, Only about her childhood; while also reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. 

Who are you listening to?
The soundtrack to A Star is Born and of course Queen’s Greatest Hits.   Both on super high rotation in the car and our house right now!

What is your health and fitness philosophy?
I have to be careful with foods that I eat as I have Crohns Disease which is super full on so there’s a lot I do to keep strong on this front.  In all of this, I can’t survive without exercising.  It’s always been a part of my life – even if my weight fluctuates – exercise is always there from running, training, boxing, pilates or the Bondi to Bronte.  I eat healthily as much as I can, smoothies, salads, cook meals for my children and not deny myself.  Not denying myself means lollies though which is not so good!!

What are you loving at the moment that we wouldn't know about you?
The Sydney Dance Company!  The choreography and dancers are PHENOMENAL.  Talk about strength, vitality and the bodies beyond beautiful!  Their moves and muscle definition blow my mind every time I see them.

Your favourite LYC juice?
I love the Cashew Nut Mylk.  It is so smooth and creamy and tastes beyond yum, especially after a day of active juicing.  I love them all mind you!  Lucky You is the best possible re-set for me whenever I’m feeling a bit blah and just need a reboot to the system.  I always feel so amazing after completing a 3 or 5 day cleanse and the alternative juices you can now get are all delicious!

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