5 Minutes with Lucinda Pikkat, Founder, @Snowluxe
What was the catalyst for starting @snowluxe? My husband is an ex-ski racer and is an absolute ski whiz. On our first ski trip overseas together I was on the hunt for some chic après ski outfits and couldn’t find anything online that curated all the coolest trends and style in the ski world… So vola! From there SNOWLUXE was born. 

What has been your biggest challenge about starting your business? 
The old saying “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt” definitely resonated with me. Starting SNOWLUXE was the scariest part. I found myself questioning if it would work, what would people think, what if it fails… It took about a year to actually get it off the ground and to buy the domain name! So for anyone out there who has an idea – just do it! If it fails it was an experience and makes a story for your next dinner party!

What inspires you?  Between SNOWLUXE and Instagram, my eyeballs have a lot of screen time. I find my inspiration comes when I am out for walks with my Frenchie Wilbur or running. I love running and find my best ideas come when pounding the pavement. I think it’s that solo time mixed with the added endorphins that make me get excited about ideas.

What are you reading?  I love reading fiction and try and keep up the momentum of one book a month. I used to love self-help/educational books but now try to read just for pleasure. I find we are surrounded by so much self help these days with social media, podcasts – it all gets too much. I’m a sucker for trashy rom com fictions and anything Devil Wears Prada-esque. It’s easy reading and allows you to escape and not think too much. I am slow to the hype, but currently reading ‘Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty and before that I read The Plus One by Sophia Money-Coutts (it’s a really funny one and would recommend!).

What are you listening to?  I am obsessed with podcasts and listen to podcasts more than music now!

I mix it up between educational and fun listening.

I am currently loving ‘Shameless’ which is a social commentary on pop culture and ‘Offline’ where the host Alison Rice interviews influencers and gets behind the scenes on the gram life. Some others in rotation include ‘No Chill’, ‘Lady Start Up, ‘Mind Pump’ and ‘Mamamia Out Loud’. 

What is your health and wellness philosophy?  BALANCE. It’s taken me 30years to figure out what that actually means! I used to live life at two different speeds. I would either be super strict, not drink and exercise excessively or go the other way and end up eating everything and not prioritising exercise.

I now have found a really healthy balance and I think that’s been through trial and error, listening to my body and mind, taking time to understand what makes me feel my best and also eliminating as much stress as possible.

I also drink about 5L of water a day haha. I guzzle it! I think that has really helped keep my skin clear. 

What are you loving at the moment that we wouldn’t know about you?  I am learning to cook. I have never needed to grow up. Mum was a great cook and I am one of five so there was always someone cooking in the house! I try and cook something new each week. This week it was Mexican street food!

… I also am a massive fan of Aussie satirical Instagram pages and getting my daily LOLS from @struthless @betootaadvocate

What's your favourite LYC juice?  I absolutely love the cashew nut mylk. It’s such a treat at the end of the day. I also love the red juice and get excited to have that one too.

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