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5 Minutes with Lauren Silvers, Co-Founder and CEO of Glamazon

What was the catalyst for starting Glamazon?

Glamazon started out of my own frustrations in trying to book salon appointments. My on-the-go lifestyle and fast-paced PR job meant that I often needed appointments last minute and in different areas around Australia. It was difficult to understand which salons had availability nearby and that was the catalyst to starting Glamazon. As time went on, I started to value my time a lot more and felt the convenience of at-home appointments was a better business model for me to pursue. I pivoted the business in 2016 and now only service at-home beauty appointments. 

If you could only choose one ... would you get your hair or makeup done?

Hair all the way. There is no better feeling than having your hair professionally done. I always feel like a GLAMAZON! ;)

What inspires you?

My 93-year-old grandfather. He’s an entrepreneur who overcame adversity to build a successful business. My customers also continue to inspire me.

What are you reading?

Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg

Who are you listening to?

Old school hip hop playlist on Spotify 

What is your health and fitness philosophy?

Listen to your body. Everything in moderation. A healthy mind is the first step. 

What are you loving at the moment that we wouldn't know about you?

It’s summer so I’m constantly barefoot. In the office, on the street, everywhere. I love it!

Your favorite LYC juice?

CASHEW NUT MYLK - I would drink this breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could! The Medjool dates are delicious!