5 Minutes with Jack Warwick, Founder, Only Everything
What was the catalyst for starting Only Everything?
After working in Sales & Marketing for the past ten years, it was always a dream of mine to own my own an agency. I wanted to offer marketing services, events and experiences, but not in the traditional way most agencies work... Only Everything doesn't have any more than 2-3 full-time staff at any one time. Every one of my 'staff' is a trusted, screened freelancer who is engaged on a campaign basis, pending job size, scope of work and budget. 
Is this your first entrepreneurial venture?
It's not actually, I have a few projects under my belt. My first proper crack at business would have been my cafe, Mr Toppers Toast Bar, in Bondi. Unfortunately, the dreaded Bondi Winter swallowed us up! Now I have several weekly parties based here in Sydney (el Rosa at Hotel Ravesis, YOURS at Beach Road, SEADECK SUNDAYS) and several annual events such as Catalina New Years Day, a Harbourlife Superyacht sail, and mid January I'll be launching a new online publisher in Bali, called 'The Leisure' - Keep your eyes peeled, it's VERY exciting.
What is a 'lifestyle' agency?
I've labelled Only Everything a 'lifestyle agency' because we're an agency that supports freelancers and creatives who want to live and work in the way they desire. They're not stuck in an office Monday-Friday, they're hustling and working in their respective fields, chasing their dreams. 
What inspires you?
I love seeing people create and execute new and exciting ideas. It drives me to create!
What are you reading?
'The subtle art of not giving a f*ck'. It was a gift from my girlfriend, and although I'm only 1/3 of the way through, it's proving to be a good read. I don't do a great deal of reading if I'm honest - it's a 2018 goal ;)
Who are you listening to?
Tough one... I listen to such a vast array a music, every day is different. One day House, the next Blues, the next Hip Hop. It really depends on my mood
What is your health and fitness philosophy 
For me, balance is everything. I'm constantly having late nights due to my work, though I find good food and regular exercise keeps me going/sane.
What's trending on your radar at the moment that we wouldn't know about you? 
I'm sure you're across it, in most respects, though things are really heating up over in Bali! Health, fitness, dining, partying - Every vertical is really reaching new heights, and as I mentioned earlier, we're also launching a new online publisher over there in January - which features an amazing curated daily guide, with deals/offers and cool youth-culture content.
Your favourite LYC juice?
Green B for me! I have a tough time getting my daily dose of greens, so it's 100% my go-to.