5 Minutes with Hannah Singleton, Co Founder, @healthyluxe

What was the catalyst for starting @healthyluxe?  Healthy Luxe (as it is now) kind of started by accident. Back in 2014, I started an Instagram page and (very basic) website called Health Synergy which was the name of my mum’s wellness clinic. This was an outlet to share my mum’s recipes and nutrition articles that she was often sending to her clients personally, so I thought it was a good opportunity to reach a bigger audience online, as well as an opportunity for me to put into practice the web/digital media and marketing skills I was learning in my Media degree. As we built up more of a following, we started to think more seriously about whether it was something we could actually pursue.  We became much more prolific with creating content, engaging with our followers to build a relationship and eventually, we created a recipe app. In 2017 we rebranded to Healthy Luxe. We wanted a name that was more fun, as well as being broader to reflect the lifestyle/travel elements of our brand. For us ‘luxe’ also represents the associated benefits that come with living a healthier lifestyle. 

How do you keep your business fresh given the high level of competition in this space?  Thinking of ways to come out with new and exciting content is a key focus of ours. We are always brainstorming new recipe ideas and taking on board feedback from our followers - we love that we can now create a poll on IG story to ask what recipes our audience would like to see or what kind of content they’re into. I also think mixing it up between video and photography content is a good way to keep it interesting and provide a bit more diversity. We’ve also expanded our content to include lifestyle/travel which helps to mix it up! 

What inspires you?  I am inspired by so many people around me but one of my biggest sources of inspiration is, without doubt, my mum. I am constantly so impressed and inspired by the wealth of knowledge she has when it comes to all things nutrition, and it is her passion/expertise that sparked my interest in health from a young age. I feel very lucky to be able to work with her doing something that we both love.

In terms of inspiration for Healthy Luxe, I am inspired by fellow foodie Instagrammers. Particularly, witnessing the different ways in which they have turned their passions/hobbies into thriving businesses.  

What are you reading?   I am currently reading ‘Educated’ by Tara Westover. I haven’t finished it yet but so far I would highly recommend! Before that, I read an interesting book called ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell which looks at lots of different case studies to explore factors that contribute to success.

What are you listening to?  Dean Lewis on repeat! I went to his concert in Sydney this week so am now even more obsessed with his music. 

What is your health and wellness philosophy?  Eat foods as close to their natural source as possible, that is, foods that have undergone little to no processing. I eat a predominately plant-based diet however I do eat ethically sourced fish and eggs occasionally. My philosophy is all about balance which means indulging in my favourite desserts from time to time. Everything in moderation!

What are you loving at the moment that we wouldn’t know about you?  I have recently really gotten into Xtend Barre - an exercise studio in Alexandria that has everything from barre classes and TRX to yoga and pilates. I have only been going for a few weeks but I think it’s going to become my new addiction! 

What's your favourite LYC juice?  Does the cacao cashew mylk count? I really look forward to that one at the end of the day when doing the Lucky You Cleanse! I am also a big fan of the carrot and apple juice. 

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