5 Minutes with Darren Palmer, Creator, Darren Palmer Brand
What was the catalyst for starting the Darren Palmer brand? My initial thought for naming my business after my name was the ease with which I could PR one thing rather than 2. With that decision I was able to use my skills with a single focus, getting my expertise in front of as many people as I could. That started with TV which led to writing for publications and then more TV, which led to a book then another. More regular writing came and brand endorsements followed and then my product lines after that. Now I’ve applied my skills to apartment buildings, a range of houses with GJ Gardner Homes, my homewares range exclusive to Myer and an online education video series in partnership with The Interior Design Institute. I’ve had a broad plan and a goal for where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do, but it’s only looking back that the steps all make sense, when starting out and looking forward I only focused on my positioning in the market, how I wanted to be perceived and what actions I had to take to get to where I wanted to be. Some opportunities came seemingly out of the blue and I worked diligently to do the best I could at every point and also look at what other opportunities I could create from them. 

In short, there was no great plan as such, just an approach of taking things step by step and doing the best I could with the task in front of me. 

TV, Author, Designer ... what's your personal favourite? I love TV because it’s organised for me and I literally turn up to work with a group of lovely people I enjoy working with, talking about my true passion. It’s a well-oiled machine and a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of. I love being an author and having the natural ability to write.  It’s a gift and I find it enjoyable and quite straightforward. The words just seem to be there when I need them so that’s a big bonus. 
My big passion is real estate, renovation, and design though, but without any of these elements it would be hard to do the others, so I guess they all have a special place in my heart.

What inspires you? Nature always. I get inspired by the colours, materials, and palettes of nature. I love natural forms and textures. I love anything that brings the outside in and provides a connection to the raw, organic chaos that nature provides. I love the ocean. I love waves crashing and the energy behind that. I love the rain. I love the Australian bush and landscapes. Nature really floats my boat. :)

What are you reading?
Nothing right now. The last fiction I read was a great book called “we’re all completely beside ourselves” and it’s brilliant, unexpected, surprising and beautiful. It left me pretty emotional, in a good way, at the end. 

Who are you listening to? It’s been an interesting month in that respect. “the greatest showman” soundtrack was a big favourite. Then “Evita” soundtrack because I was seeing the show and then “a star is born” soundtrack because I saw that. I usually don’t listen to soundtracks or music theatre at all but this recent history paints a very different picture. I write to Ludovico Einaudi as his music is the perfect soundtrack for shutting out the world and getting some peaceful tranquility to get the words flowing. 

What is your health and fitness philosophy? I prioritise what is important. I rest. I eat very well. I don’t drink much or often. I exercise when I can. Sometimes body niggles or work get in the way but overall I prioritise my health as a primary consideration. I put my family before work and work fits around these other things, not the other way around. I still take on a lot and sometimes I work long hours and long runs of days in a row, but when I have time that I don’t have demands on my time or work to do I take time out and I plan regular getaways and holidays to recharge my batteries and reconnect with my husband and son, and myself. 

What are you loving at the moment that we wouldn't know about you? I’ve just done a small renovation to our beach house which was pretty suddenly decided upon and I’ve done on a shoestring, but it’s given me a great sense of achievement because I was able to really make a huge change, using my skills and connections, and not a huge investment.  It’s not a DP level project but it’s a successful exercise in getting a big bang for your buck.

Your favourite LYC juice? I’ve only ever done the full LYC cleanse and I loved them all. I think maybe my favourite though is Cashew Nut Mylk. I haven’t tried the Cacao version though but that sounds pretty delicious too!


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