5 Minutes with Alicia Beveridge, Founding Trainer, Barry's Australia

What was the catalyst for joining Barry's?  I had heard only rave reviews from people who had experienced Barry’s overseas and I knew it was loved by celebrities like David Beckham, Michelle Obama, and Kim Kardashian, so when they reached out to me, I was pretty pumped, to say the least. To be part of the team bringing Barry’s to Australia from the very beginning is such a proud achievement for me and an awesome opportunity. The immersive experience and atmosphere of the red room created by the music, the lights, and the energy of the instructor and the clients are seriously hot, sweaty magic. It really is the pinnacle of my sweat career.

What is Barry's training philosophy?  Body envy ends at Barry’s! This is the room where everything becomes possible. Where you push through the “I can’t’s” and “If Only’s.” Where you run faster, lift more, lean out and quiet down. It’s all about becoming the best version of yourself. The workout itself is designed for efficiency. The intervals and strength training combinations are proven to lean and tone your body. Then there’s the “thing” that happens when the doors close, lights dim, and music turns up. There’s a palpable energy in the room that pushes you one step further. It’s the soul, body, brain revolution that’s uniquely Barry’s.

Each day at Barry’s will focus on different muscle groups. The programming carefully pairs opposing muscle groups to ensure your body has the perfect balanced workout and proper time for recovery. It’s the quickest and safest way to transform your body.

What inspires you?  Honestly, my clients inspire me. Whether it is the way they are handling something in their personal life with such grace and strength, or how they turn up and rock a workout. When people workout they are challenged on many levels, so when they don’t back down emotionally, mentally and/or physically, I am so inspired. They turn up the next day a stronger, fitter version of themselves…hello #fitspo ;-)

What are you reading?  I am actually reading Legacy by James Kerr for the third time. It is that GOOD! I was given a copy, and have now gifted it to two different friends. It’s about the legendary All Blacks and a seriously inspiring handbook for bettering yourself as a leader in all areas of life.

Who are you listening to?  I spend time listening and searching for new music for my Barry’s class playlists as all Barry’s instructors are professional DJ’s too ;-) If I’m not listening to music I am knee-deep (or ear-deep) in podcasts, I can’t get enough of Melissa Ambrosini and Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations.

What is your health and fitness philosophy?  My approach to health and fitness is always evolving. I regularly reflect on what works and what doesn’t and realign my goals with a more positive, healthier philosophy. When it comes to success in terms of my health and fitness, it needs to fit and evolve with my lifestyle. What I believed eight years ago when I started in the industry is very different from what I believe today, and it definitely isn’t a one-size fits all approach.

My absolute when it comes to fitness is finding the exercise that you enjoy, and ideally, you fall in love with the way it makes you feel, whether that be strong, sexy, confident and so on. Search for something to connect with, whether it is the workout or even the fitness community.

I try to take a 360-degree approach to my health, believing mental, emotional and psychological health are just as important as my physical health. Each day is a new opportunity to support yourself on all these levels, eat as clean as you can (most of the time is what matters, don’t waste time guilting yourself on that occasional pizza), get out in nature, de-stress, have lots of sex (if you can ;-)), exercise, connect with loved ones, have solo time and be grateful at the end of each day, whatever it served up.

What do you love at the moment that we wouldn't know about you?  I love my Vedic Meditation practice. I have been meditating for over three years now, and have fallen off the medi-wagon numerous times, but right at the moment, I am super into it! It helps to ease the feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious, which has been a big work on for me a lot of my life.

Your favorite LYC juice?  The Cashew Nut Milk is the ultimate. Warmed up or chilled, it feels so indulgent, like a naughty (but oh so nice) treat.