5 Minutes with Ally Considine, Founder MG Events.

What was the catalyst for starting MG EVENTS?  There wasn’t a defining moment for starting MG Events, it occurred quite organically.

I had a number of existing clients from freelancing work I had done, and they were instrumental in referring new clients and projects through to us. It felt very much like I woke up one day with a business!

I have worked with some incredible individuals, on amazing projects, in some insanely beautiful locations. I feel very lucky to have this platform to create such memorable experiences for our clients and to constantly push the boundaries along the way.

What sort of person/company approaches you for Events?  We predominately work with luxury and premium lifestyle brands, corporate companies in the tech and services industries, and a select group of private clients.

Clients tend to approach us for our aesthetic, our capacity to handle significant logistical challenges and our ability to successfully deliver key brand messages while appreciating the finer things in life.

Or they come to us because they just really like over the top, crazy fun parties!

What inspires you?  Fashion, art, and interior design.  I love seeing the productions that come from the world’s leading fashion houses each season, and my favorites are Dior, Gucci, and Chanel. They are truly remarkable events, and it’s no surprise they influence the industry worldwide.

Art has the amazing ability to stop you in your tracks, which I just love. I recently came across Sydney-based artist Jonny Niesche and I’m now obsessed with his work!

And interior design always offers me new inspiration. There are so many different genres that can be applied throughout events, so it’s a great go-to source for us.

What are you reading?  The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. Dark, but a brilliant read.

Who are you listening to?  I have very eclectic taste in music, and currently on the playlist are The Beatles, Guns n Roses, The XX, and Sigur Ros.

What is your health and fitness philosophy?  I try to take a very holistic approach to health and fitness and believe in the 80/20 logic.

My constantly changing work schedule makes it difficult to commit to a specific exercise regime, so I always try to eat a balanced diet with lots of leafy greens and exercise when (and where!) I can.

If all else fails, a Green A juice is my saviour!

What are you loving now that we wouldn't know about you?  Cross stitch! I’d just like some more time to do it.

Your favourite LYC juice?  Without a doubt, the sweet carrot juice.