Healthy habits made easy.  Choose from one of our nutritious and healthy cold pressed bundles.  The perfect way to integrate health and well being into your 'grab & go' lifestyle.



Lucky You Juice Cleanse is an Australian based, cold pressed juice & cleanse company. Our mission is to provide healthy and delicious drinks designed to invigorate the body and mind. Our “Pressed Juices” deliver significantly more nourishment and health benefits than traditional juicing methods.


Miranda Kerr drinking Lucky You Cleanse Juice.

"Lucky You Juices are my first point of call when I arrive in Australia.  These cold pressed wonder juices are essential to my health and well being, loaded with nutrients and anti-oxidants"
Miranda Kerr

Melissa Ambrosini drinking Lucky You Cleanse Juice.

“Lucky You Juices are super delish and so easy to enjoy throughout the day. My fave is the Green Zest raw, cold-pressed juice. It gives me a massive hit of nutrient dense goodness that my body loves."
Melissa Ambrosini

“Everyone knows I drink a lot of juice. When I’m in Sydney there is nothing better than a 3 day cleanse from @luckyyoucleanse . It’s the perfect way to shake the jet lag and stay on track.” @joethejuicer

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